About No Whining

The No Whining Allowed column, written by me, Sandra Willbanks, ran in the Iowa Source from 1997 ‘til 2008. Now everyone can enjoy the No Whining lifestyle by reading my blogs, which reconstruct some “classic” adventures from the past while continuing the No Whining adventures of today.

I live in a trailer that I call my château d’ trailer. I live a full fantasy life. My pet spider Arnie the Arachnid, repels from the ceiling and offers suggestions on my articles. His dream is to be in the movies.

During the duration of my column in the Iowa Source, I tried to sell my loyal fans a number of imaginary things, mainly money-making “courses.” Who can forget the No Whining Technique guaranteed to let you see everything in a positive light even if you’re standing in the dark? The course sold for a mere $50,000. No one bought it.

I would also like to remind my loyal readers of the Multilevel Me article where you, my astonishingly beautiful, smart, charming and talented fans, help market my as-yet-unwritten-and-unproduced books, motivational tapes, seminars, newsletters, magazines, CDs, DVDs, YouTube, etc. I still have “product development” on my “to-do” list.

Over the years, I’ve had several ideas related to aliens. — the other worldly kind. During my exhaustive research, I found that people make a lot of money writing about them. As I explained in my May 1997 Iowa Source article, “The Alien/Cow Thing,” which is an in-depth observation on how making up things about those from other planets (and getting those ideas published) can generate tons of cash because the public will believe anything. The great thing is, who can say you are wrong about your facts? Unless the fact-checker happens to be from the particular planet you are writing about — then you are laser toast.

I’ve also written many articles related to “New Age” ideas, which at this point have become mainstream. One of my ideas was a No Whining aromatherapy scent. Just put a little in your aromatherapy diffuser and you will not whine all day. Great idea, eh?

I hope that one day shopkeepers will have an alternative to “Have a nice day,” and say in a polite and sincere way, “Thank you for not whining.”

So for a laugh, or just a “what?” brain-twist, read the No Whining blogs on a regular basis. And don’t believe anything I say.